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Sunday 23rd of October 2016
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Master and Doctorate courses

Important News

Acceptance of new students for the 2nd semester of 2016 - Result
Applications open for the V EFRAS
Result of the Post-Doc fellowship (PNPD-CAPES)


The Physics Graduate program at the Physics Institute of University of Brasilia aims to deepen the knowledge acquired by undergraduate and graduate students in Physics and related areas, to form high level researchers and to stimulate the scientific education in general. The Physics Graduate program began in 1968 with the Master degree and hitherto more than 260 dissertations were defended. In 1990 the graduate program was expanded to include the Doctorate degree, allowing for a complete formation at the Physics Institute. So far more than 200 doctorate theses were defended.

The Graduate Program offers academic formation in Theoretical and Experimental Physics in the following areas:

  • Condensed Matter Physics (Theoretical and Experimental)
  • Atomic and Molecular Physics (Theoretical and Experimental)
  • Mathematical and Statistical Physics
  • Physics of Elementary Particles and Fields
  • Plasma Physics

Currently the Physics Graduate Program has 33 professors and more than 115 students.

Coordinator: Prof. Fernando Albuquerque de Oliveira

Acceptance of new students for the 2nd semester of 2016
  • - Result
  • Application period: 30/05/2016 - 01/07/2016
  • Positions: Master degree (12); Doctorate degree (12)
  • Open for application of Brazilian and foreign students
  • Edital and application forms (in portuguese): pdf

  • For the 2nd semester of 2016 the "Exame Unificado das Pós-Graduações em Física - EUF" will be used as part of the selection process of the Graduate Program of Institute of Physics of UnB. Applications for the EUF could be done online from 09:00 of January 11th to 17:00 of February 5th of 2016 (Brasilia time) via the website: http://www.ifsc.usp.br/~posgraduacao/inf/exameUnificado2.php


Applications open for the V EFRAS

The School of Physics Roberto A. Salmeron (EFRAS) offers complementary formation for the graduate and advanced undergraduate students. Its program comprises mini-courses, invited talks and presentation of posters by the participants. In the upcoming fifth edition the theme will be "Advances in the light-matter interaction: Temperature, dissipation and entanglement", contemplating such areas as Quantum Optics, Quantum Information, Statistical Physics, Field Theory and related areas.
  • Dates of the School: 30/08/2016 - 02/09/2016
  • Applications period (with discount): 01/05/2016 - 01/08/2016
  • Information and applications: http://cifmc.fis.unb.br/vefras/
  • Open to participation of Brazilian and foreign students


Applications for Post-Doc fellowship (CAPES-PNPD)

Applications: May 1 - May 30 of 2016

Result (updated on 15/06/2016)

1º Tarjron Juric (Selected for the fellowship)
2º Raju Roychowdhry
3º Giovanni Otalora Patino
4º Anderson Herbert de Abreu Gomes
5º Marcelo Maciel Amaral
6º Baltazar Jonas Ribeiro Morais
7º Diego Rocha Granado
8º Iuri Baranov Pereira Raymundo
9º Santunu Ghosh

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